About Me

Ritu Agarwal is one amongst billions of women and men on this beautiful home that we call Earth. Just like everyone else Ritu is a unique individual who has had her own share of unique challenges, learnings, weathered storms, broken stereotypes and emerged victorious in every situation, which may have seemed like the end of the world at the time. Her journey has helped her understand the power of the human potential which functions at its highest levels when one operates with absolute authenticity, awareness, courage, discipline and commitment.

Ritu's experiences and experiments have revealed to her that it is nothing more than one's own self-limiting beliefs and past emotional baggage's that stops people from living the lives they desire and truly deserve.

Ritu has embarked upon a single-minded journey with a mission to help people live lives at the zenith of their abilities and in the process create joyful, blissful and wonderful experiences everyday.She works closely with people and provides tools and strategies through her programs that help them rise beyond their limiting fears and beliefs, accomplish their goals, and realize their true desires. All of us are the same and what sets us apart and defines our future is the reach of our thoughts and dreams.

Ritu is a counsellor, a psychologist, a mindfulness and holistic life coach and a die-hard optimist who is heartfully and mindfully working with people for more than 10 years. Apart from continually educating herself deeply in the subject of the human mind and acquiring various certificates in the field, she considers herself a lifetime learner of the mystical spiritual side of the human experience as well.

Ritu truly believes from her core and from all of her heart that it is the birth right of each and every individual to lead fulfilling lives. Ritu feels that for anyone and everyone achieving this is as easy as taking the absolute decision to do so and do whatever is required to accomplish this goal with 100% authenticity and hard work. She believes that short-cuts and half-hearted measures and efforts will lead to short term and temporary feel good moments and results. Ritu leads by example which is well reflected in her day - meditation, gratefulness, 10x result mindset, clarity of mind vision, gladiator level workouts, hard work, journaling, reading, learning, teaching, sharing and caring.